Tips for Taming the Frizz

There are four major causes of frizzy hair. Environmental factors, level of curl, the type of hair fiber, and the amount of damage inflicted upon it. Frizzy hair isn’t easy to tame, but with patience and some modifications in hair care, it’s possible to add some discipline to hair.


Humid air, especially prevalent in the South Florida climate, is a major problem. Hair absorbs moisture like a sponge and when hair cuticles are opened, it allows moisture to enter. Moisture breaks the bonds between the hair and styling products, allowing it to go off in several different directions at once. Use a shampoo and conditioner designed to fight frizz, wash hair less often, and use a gel or hairspray to hold hair in place. Products containing essential oils are also beneficial.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is more prone to damage and dryness that can lead to frizzies. Unlike other types of hair, curly locks are more likely to experience frizzies due to dryness. Keep them hydrated with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and don’t over wash. Consider a hair mask 2 to 3 times per week and keep hair trimmed to eliminate split ends. Prevent additional damage by using a wide-toothed comb. Don’t brush hair, as it creates friction that exacerbates frizz. Air dry whenever possible or gently towel dry.

Hair Fibers

Frizz also occurs when hair fibers are misaligned and the thicker the hair fibers are, the more difficult it will be to control it. Anyone will benefit from cool water rinses rather than hot, especially those with thicker hair. Use conditioning shampoos and a blow dryer with ionic technology. Hair serums, hair masks and using a microfiber towel to dry hair are all advantageous for reducing frizz.

Styling Tools

Eschew the hot styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons whenever possible. Even with the best precautions, styling tools still cause a certain amount of damage to hair. At the very least, reduce the temperatures and increase the distance between the dryer and hair. Use styling devices with ionic technology.

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