Best Straightening Treatments for the Thickest Hair

Many people with very thick locks regularly straighten their hair to reduce flyaway, wear it in different styles, or just because they want straighter hair. There are a number of ways that individuals straighten their mane, from chemical treatments to hot combs.

Achieving a straight and flowing style isn’t easy when hair is thick or naturally curly. Thick hair is also heavier, which makes it more difficult to straighten and less likely to hold the desired style.

Keratin Straightening

The lifespan of keratin straightening isn’t as long as others, but has the advantage of using keratin that comprises the hair. Also known as Brazilian hair straightening, a keratin solution is applied to the hair and sealed in with a flat iron. It’s less harsh than many traditional techniques and replenishes nutrients for healthier hair.

Hair Botox

The advantages are a straightening treatment that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can weaken the hair and lead to damage and there’s no formaldehyde. The treatment infuses hair with vitamin E and B5, a collagen complex, and a natural oil. Hair will also be shinier and smoother.

Cold Smoothing

The technique relies on ionic technology to modify hair bonds and reassemble them later in the process. It creates a more natural looking appearance and it’s an increasingly popular alternative to thermal methods. The process combines hair relaxing and a de-frizzing solution and involves no heat.

Japanese Straightening

The technique lasts for about 6 months. It’s achieved by loosening the keratin bonds in the hair through the application of chemicals and a hot iron. The hair is then conditioned for a sleek look that remains until it grows out.

Chemical Straightening

This should only be done by a highly-trained and experienced hair professional. It requires the hair’s keratin bonds to be broken and is a very delicate procedure that must be performed carefully.

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