Why Choose a Wide-Toothed Comb for Wet Hair

Millions of people are doing their hair a grave disservice every day. Instead of using a wide-toothed comb on their wet hair, they’re using brushes and ordinary combs that lead to a wide variety of problems.

Since the spaces in a wide-toothed comb are father apart and larger in diameter, it’s far easier to detangle hair without pulling and breaking. There’s less friction, which makes it easier and gentler on hair shafts. Even the softest bristled brush can cause damage.

The best option is a wooden comb rather than those made of plastic, rubber or metal. Another feature individuals should look for in their comb are teeth that are rounded or blunt. Pointed teeth can cause damage to the scalp.

Always be gentle with wet hair when at it’s most vulnerable. Bear in mind that combing hair too often or in the wrong direction, even with an optimal comb, places excess wear and tear on the hair. It’s doubly damaging to a thick or curly mane.

People are also taking the wrong approach to combing their hair when it’s wet. Individuals need to begin at the bottom of their hair and work their way toward the scalp for detangling purposes. Detangle small sections of hair at a time and use short strokes to minimize damage.

A wide-toothed comb has other benefits. It gently massages the scalp and stimulates circulation that’s needed for good hair growth. It’s also the best solution for those subject to dry, flaky scalp and makes styling easier. A wide-toothed comb reduces the instances of split ends that can make styling difficult.

An important part of caring for your hair includes removing any strands of hair in combs and brushes after every use. Wash them at least once a month with soap and water to remove dirt, oil, flakes and hair care products to prevent them from being deposited back on clean hair.

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