Pros of a Brush Blow Dryer

For those unfamiliar with the 2-in-1 styling tool, a brush blow dryer contains the same type of motor as a blow dryer. They dry and straighten hair, and can be used to create waves, eliminating the need to juggle multiple styling tools at the same time. Results will vary by brand, depending on what the individual wants to accomplish.

Saves Time

It doesn’t matter what type of hair a person has a brush blow dryer significantly reduces overall styling time. It has the ability to smooth frizz, increase shine, and add volume. There are several brands currently available on the market and some come with different attachments.

Heated Bristles

The bristles of a brush blow dryer are heated. Running the brush through hair, they stretch hair strands evenly, straightens and adds volume. There’s no need to apply hot tools or a curling iron to hair, both of which can be extremely damaging. The devices are equally applicable for all types of hair. Bristles are made of ceramic, silicone or nylon that glide easily through locks. The result is hair that’s smoother, silkier and shiner.

Wet or Just Damp

The brush blow dryer can be used on wet hair out of the shower. Conversely, individuals can simply spritz dry locks with a little water and heat protectant and attain the same results.

Good for Hair

The devices combine multiple technologies to mitigate damage to hair. low dryer brushes utilize ceramic heaters and ionic technology. Many have different heat settings, while others have a pre-set temperature at which it operates. Brush blow dryers are viewed as safer for locks than traditional blow dryers. They’re especially beneficial for those with damaged or color treated hair. They seal hair cuticles for fewer fly aways and frizzies.

Style Options

A brush blow dryer expands the range of potential styles with which individuals can play and experiment. They can also help declutter the bathroom counter of styling tools.

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