How Too High Heat Can Damage Hair

Hot styling tools have become the norm for styling hair at home, but they damage hair in multiple ways. Temperatures over 300° degrees Fahrenheit change the keratin signature of hair that weakens strands and radically reduces its elasticity, making it more susceptible to damage.

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The protein works to smooth the cuticles on each strand of hair. Keratin makes hair fuller glossier, easier to style and less frizzy. Alpha keratin is a protein found in mammals of all types. High heat transforms alpha keratin to B-keratin that’s found in reptiles.

The high heat that’s possible with today’s styling tools can easily reach 400° degrees. When that level of heat is achieved, it melts keratin bonds and alters the shape of the strands irreversibly. It’s a cumulative effect and the damage happens over time.

Other factors contribute to the breakdown and damage to hair that’s exacerbated by hot styling tools. They include rubbing hair dry after a shower, not using a wide-toothed come for detangling, not using moisturizing products, and spending a lot of time outdoors without adequate UV protection for locks. Hair is at additional risk if it’s colored, bleached, relaxed or permed often.

The solution is to limit the use of styling tools and turn down heat settings. Once hair has been severely damaged, the only way to completely mitigate the situation is to start over. It’s a drastic measure and involves cutting locks back behind where the damage begins, which can leave hair at an inch long or several inches.

To help mitigate damage, keep hair trimmed regularly to remove split ends that will help keep hair strong. Trimming will remove the portion of hair that typically is most damaged. It also prevents split ends from traveling higher up the strands and creating even more damage.

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