How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

There are no hard and fast rules about how often you should wash your hair. Hair care professionals recommend washing every 2 to 3 days for the average person. However, if hair is visibly oily, there’s flaking due to dirt or product buildup, or if the scalp is itching, it’s time to wash your hair.

Those that workout daily and get sweaty or who have fine hair can usually gently wash hair every day without doing undue damage to their hair. If you have hair that’s dry, damaged or coarse, you might be able to cleanse as little as once a week. People dealing with hair loss or extremely damaged hair may want to wash as infrequently as possible.

You should wash your hair whenever it begins to feel dirty, greasy or stinky no matter what hair type you have. Long periods of time between washings leads to a buildup of dead skin cells, bacteria, hair products, and natural oils. However, cleaning every day can also stimulate the oil glands beneath the scalp, resulting in oilier locks.

Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Harsh cleansers strip natural oils from the hair and can also stimulate an over production of oils in an effort to replace what was stripped away. If you work out every day, you’re going to get sweaty hair. The roots will get grimy, dirty, and you’ll need to wash.

Fine hair typically gets oilier quicker and washing every day may be appropriate. Reduce cleansing frequency if hair becomes lifeless looking or flyaway. In comparison, thick hair usually becomes drier the longer you go between washings. Coarse hair can go for longer periods of time between washing and much depends on the condition of your scalp.

The frequency with which you wash your hair is entirely up to you. If you experience any problems or you find yourself washing more often than normal, consult with your stylist. One of the most important things you can do for your hair is to make sure that hair products are thoroughly washed out. A once weekly hair mask can help replenish lost moisture.

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