Does Braiding Hair Cause Damage?

Braids are an easy and effective way to keep hair out of the face and make a fashion statement. However, tight braids are one of the top offenders when it comes to damaging hair and can cause what’s known as traction alopecia.

Braids cause breakage when hair is dry, but even worse is placing hair in braids while its wet and at its most fragile and vulnerable. The more often that braids are worn, the more damage that’s done. Long, thick, heavy hair worn in braids places extra stress on the hair follicles due to the weight. It weakens strands and can even result in hair loss.

While highly fashionable, styles that use braids shouldn’t be left in for more than 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the condition of the hair. One of the disadvantages of braids is that they can take a long time to dry and many individuals will choose to go longer between washings. It’s a decision that can result in “braid itch” due to the buildup of oils, dead skin cells and styling products.

They can be a great protective option for people moving from relaxed to natural hair and can even promote healthy growth – as long as they’re not left in too long and they’re not too tight. Children often begin wearing braids at an early age and that can form the foundation for hair loss as a young adult.

Braids aren’t the only styles that can result in traction alopecia. Those with weaves, cornrows and dreadlocks are at equal risk. All of those styles have the potential to cause permanent hair loss. One way to mitigate damage is to leave the braid looser toward the scalp and tell the stylist if it’s uncomfortable or painful.  It’s important to not wear the styles too long or too often and give hair a period to rest.

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