5 Tips for Managing Frizz

Managing frizzy hair is a priority, even for people that normally don’t succumb to them. Controlling the frightful frizzies begins at home, in the shower, and the methods are easy for anyone to incorporate into their hair care routine.

Cold Rinse

Cooler shower temperatures are essential for preventing frizzy hair. After washing their hair, individuals should finish with a cold-water rinse, or a substantially cooler rinse at the very least. Hot water opens hair cuticles and strips locks of its natural oils. That leads to breakage which exacerbates the frizz.

Dry Gently

Rough drying and rubbing hair with a standard bath towel ruffles cuticles and can snag strands. Use a microfiber towel made of finer fibers that apply less friction to hair and pat dry.


Always use a wide-toothed comb or a brush specifically designed to gently detangle. Both have more space for strands to pass through, which causes less damage. Don’t forget to cleanse the comb or brush between uses to prevent hair care products from building up on locks. Using the wrong type of brush or comb roughs up the cuticle and is a major cause of frizz.

Ionic Technology

Traditional dryers remove moisture from hair by blowing it away and through heat. Ionic dryers pull water from the hair through the use of a magnet. One of the most important things that individuals can do to preserve their hair is to lower the heat settings, especially if they’re not using ionic technology. Hold drying tools at least 6 inches from the hair and scalp.

Nourish and Realign

A hair serum is a great way to manage frizz as it contains silicones that serve to realign hair fibers that are disturbed through washing, drying and detangling. Hair masks nourish locks and creates a barrier that seals in hydration. A hair mask infused with an oil like avocado, argan, coconut, jojoba or rosehip are the best for smoothing and taming the frizz.

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