4 Types of Hair Drying Tools

Blow dryers are a quick and convenient way to dry hair, but frequent hair drying with blow dryers can cause a significant amount of damage over time. What many people don’t know is that there are different types of blow dryers, each with their own set of technology, benefits and disadvantages. The best blow dryers provide multiple heat, control and air speed settings to accommodate different hair types.


The technology used in an ionic dryer emits negatively charged ions that break down positively charged water molecules on hair. Ionic dryers leave hair smooth and silky since they seal hair cuticles and don’t remove moisture from the hair. Another benefit is that they dry hair quickly and save people a substantial amount of time. They don’t provide body or volume, aren’t appropriate for styling, or hair that’s short or thin.


These types of dryers offer two primary benefits. They emit negatively charged ions and utilize infrared heat that’s far less damaging to hair. They provide individuals with an even heat that locks moisture into manes for smooth, silky and shiny locks. They heat up quickly and provide a good option for drying and styling all hair types.


A type of mineral, tourmaline generates an electrical charge when the force of the air passes over it. Infrared heat and negatively charged ions are produced. Tourmaline dryers provide 50 percent faster drying times than other types, generate a gentle heat, and are safer for locks. Unsuitable for short or thin hair, they work exceptionally well for frizzy or thick hair.


The quickest of all dryers due to the higher heat they generate, the dryers shouldn’t be used on small hairs or thin hair. They’re best used for thick hair, are effective for controlling frizz, and give hair a silkier and smoother texture.

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