Hair Accessories We All Need

In the not-so-distant past, every woman maintained a wardrobe of hair accessories. They encompassed headbands and satin bows to jeweled hairpins. The use of hair accessories has returned, with celebrities sporting multiple options, and there are some basics that every woman should have.

Bobby Pins

The essential hair holders are available in multiple styles, sizes, and come with decorative pearls, jewels and floral themes. The pins are also available in various colors.


Hair clips are offered in styles that include claw, snap, banana, hinged and alligator. The all-purpose clips can be worn in any way desired. They’re decorative additions that can be adorned with jewels, flowers or pearls. Just don’t forget to have a least one that features feathers – preferably a peacock feather.


They’re an excellent way to secure hair when it’s being worn in an updo that needs support. They can be used as an alternative to a hair tie.


A carefree wide-brimmed sun hat, jaunty beret or dramatic fedora are all hats that protect your hair from the sun’s rays. They’re great for setting a playful or sophisticated mood.


The stretchy band you may have worn as a child is back in an array of flattering colors, patterns, bows and flowers. You can also choose headbands of metal, cloth and braided leather. Offered in thin and wide styles, they convey a sense of youthfulness.

Satin Bow

There are two styles and every woman should have at least one of each. The bows are available as a clip in style and as a ponytail holder. When the bows are holding back a ponytail, it gives you a more youthful appearance. They can be worn on the side, top or back of the head.


A scarf protects your hair and can be used to create a ponytail or hold hair up. They’re offered in an extensive range of colors and patterns.

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