Top Fall Color Highlights for Brunettes

Autumn is a time for a change from the highlights of summer to fall. Chestnut and chocolate brown are leading the pack for brunettes, but there’s a wealth of other colors from which to choose. One of the best aspects of the autumn colors is that there are varying hues within each color group.

Ash Brown

The color is one of the cooler shades of brown and adds varying levels of interest to brunette locks, depending on the natural shade of brown to which it’s applied.


The reddish hues of auburn provide brunettes with a rich and glowing shade that will generate second looks anywhere its worn.


One of the most highly-sought colors for autumn highlights, it provides the golden and cinnamon tones associated with the season.


The deep, rich, violet red of burgundy is a knock-out color for any brunette and sure to garner second looks. Varying shades promise a choice for every brunette.


As rich as the coffee for which its named, its complementary with multiple brunette shades.


Dark brown manes look gorgeous with the candied color of caramel. The golden brown of caramel is complementary to a wide variety of skin tones.


The rich, deep brown of chestnut enhances any shade of brunette. It’s an ideal solution for those that don’t want to make a large or radical change in hair color.


Dark chocolate highlights give locks a dramatic sugar glazed look and provides definition. It’s a great option for anyone with naturally dark hair, but really shines on brunettes.

Pumpkin Spice

The pumpkin spice craze has expanded from beverages to hair color, thanks in large part to social media. Brunettes should try the darker tones of pumpkin spice for an autumn standout.


The rich red of mahogany is a great highlight color for brunettes with medium to long hair.


Great for warm or cool skin tones, it’s a rich color that any brunette should try at least once.

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