Top 4 Hair Coloring Techniques

There’s nothing like a little color to add an exciting element to hair. There are also trending ways to take away color in unique new ways, which are also coloring techniques. The following are currently the top 4 coloring techniques that salons are seeing.


A tried and true favorite, adding highlights to hair is one of the most popular and effective ways to enhance natural color. It’s also a low-risk method to add vividness to locks without committing to an entire new hair color. Stylists can utilize one or two shades to create highlights, with the two-color method producing the most dramatic effect.

Highlights are often the first experience that individuals have with hair color. Highlights can last 2-3 months, with touch-ups needed every 4-8 weeks, depending on how fast an individual’s hair grows.

Hair Frosting

A new trend that’s on track to perhaps replace balayage is hair frosting and shouldn’t be confused with tip frosting. It’s a more subtle and muted effect than balayage. Hair frosting is a highly intricate technique in which small amounts of individual strands are bleached a cool blond shade from the roots to the tips.

Darker, surrounding strands aren’t touched. It produces a salt and pepper effect that blends the lightened strands. It resembles the way that frost settles on trees and plants. The technique is being worn by celebrities ranging from Halle Berry and Hailey Bieber to Jennifer Lopez.

Wet Lights

The highlighting technique has been dubbed wet lights since the color is hand-painted on wet hair. In some salons its being called wet balayage. The technique opens hair cuticles, so the color doesn’t require as much time to be absorbed. It creates a “halo” effect and results in less damage so hair is stronger and looks healthier.

Reverse Balayage

Most popular with individuals that have over processed with balayage and now have ombre looking hair, it introduces color rather than taking it away. The stylist paints natural color from about mid-way of the hair to the ends. It’s effective for reversing ombre back to balayage. The technique returns color, depth and dimension back to hair.

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