Tips for Long-Lasting Hair Color

Color treatments are expensive and everyone want their color to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, many people are sabotaging their hair color treatments without even knowing it, leading to faster fading.

Washing and Swimming

Individuals should wait at least 48 hours before washing their hair for the first time following any color treatment. That applies to a complete color treatment or highlights. Color treatments open the hair’s cuticle, allowing it to absorb color. Washing hair during the first week allows the color to leach out of open cuticles. Giving hair a cool rinse before showering helps close cuticles and preserve color.

After the first week, limit washing to twice a week. A dry shampoo between cleansings can help keep hair looking fresh. Anyone that goes swimming with color treated hair should wear a mask to prevent color from fading and prevent unwanted reactions to pool chemicals and ocean salt.

Hair Product Formulas

It’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for color treated hair and designed for the individual’s hair type. A pre-shampoo treatment can aid in strengthening hair and reducing breakage.

Use Styling Tools Sparingly

Hot styling tools damage hair and anyone with color treated hair should limit their use. Heat-emitting styling tools also create steam that opens hair cuticles, allowing color to leak. If styling tools must be used, use low heat and use a heat protectant.

Hair Mask

A hair mask used twice a month is beneficial for smoothing hair cuticles for less fading. Hair that’s been color treated is at additional risk for breakage. Masks contain multiple ingredients that provide locks with essential nutrients that aid in reducing breakage and keeping color vibrant, while making hair shiny and healthy.

Sun Protection

The sun’s rays are detrimental to locks and doubly so for color treated hair. A hat is an easy and stylish way to protect hair color when in the sun.

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