Should I go All the way Grey?

Going grey or platinum is way cooler now than it ever has been before.  Whether you choose to stop covering your grey and embrace growing old gracefully or want to tone your hair to achieve a shimmering silver or platinum, there are plenty of ways to make sure you rock this year’s hottest color. 

Aging Gracefully and Going Grey

Coloring over grey strands is easy enough when they first appear, but as they become more prevalent it can be difficult to keep them covered.  At this stage, many women opt for strong, bold colors in the hope they will cover any sign of aging.  But, paradoxically, all this coloring can make your hair look dull and leave it in bad condition, meaning it will be more than the grey that you need to worry about in the end.  

If you choose to let your color grow out naturally, you will soon see that the color you are left with is actually the one most suited to your skin tone.

Embracing your inner silver fox is also a great way to express your individuality.  Going grey is a statement to the world that says you are a confident, independent woman who is not willing to conform to society’s expectations of aging. 

Constantly trying to color out your coverage is also an expensive business.  Whether you choose to use a home color or visit the salon, keeping your grey at bay can be an expensive business. 

Finally, grey girls look hot – whatever their age.  If you have the confidence to just let your natural color fade out and go grey, you are instantly rocking the kind of body confidence that everyone admires.  Hair that is left uncolored will usually be in far better condition too, so with regular haircuts and a well-shaped style, you can let your grey hair be your crowning glory. 

Not Yet Going Grey?  No Problem – Your Hairdresser Can Help

If you want to embrace 2022s hottest platinum look, you can have your hairdresser help you to achieve it.  Going grey is a lengthy process though and you will need to invest some serious time at the salon to achieve it.  

In order to go grey, you will need to have your hair pre-lightened to a clean white blonde by a professional stylist.  This acts as the base for a pre-mixed and personalized grey or silver toner to be added to create your new look. 

Because you are working with toners and tints and not permanent colors, your hair will need regular re-color to prevent the grey tones from looking faded and dull. You will also need to pay particular attention to the condition of your hair, as lightening it so heavily can cause it to weaken and split. 

To keep your shiny silver locks looking just right, you will need to invest in regular treatments that work to strengthen and hydrate the hair. 

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