Shampoos for Color Treated Hair

Trying different hair colors is a fun and exciting way to change up a look. It also presents some challenges for keeping hair looking great for the longest amount of time. Anyone that’s dyed their hair needs to find a shampoo specifically designed for color treated hair. Ordinary shampoos tend to accelerate the rate at which color fades and can be too harsh.

Perusing the hair aisle at any store will result in a multitude of shampoo options, but it can be difficult to identify the best product for color treated hair with so many choices. It can be helpful for individuals to consult with their colorist as to what they recommend for particular colors, hair styles and hair textures.

Whether individuals go to a salon for their color treatments or use a boxed treatment for home use, hair will need TLC after its colored. Hair dye affects the health of hair and reduces its elasticity, while increasing the chances of split ends, breakage and dryness. Wait at least 48 to 72 hours after coloring to wash hair.

Avoid clarifying shampoos and those containing sulfates. The chemicals are powerful detergents designed to cut through dirt and grease. When used on hair, they cause the shaft to swell. That opens the cuticle, enabling the color to fade quicker and hair to become dry.

Shampoo for color treated hair should contain nutrients to nourish and moisturize. Look for products that contain oils encompassing argan, almond, coconut, grapeseed, linseed, jojoba or olive. The same is true for conditioners. The oils help strengthen hair. Even better are shampoos that contain one of the oils combined with keratin, the protein of which hair is composed.

There’s no single best shampoo for color treated hair, though some people attain better results with some brands rather than others. Much will depend on the type and texture of the hair, the selected color, frequency of washing, and condition of the hair when it was colored.

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