Plan For Your Special Event

Written by: My Beauty Salon

My special even was a complete disaster and would love to advise you so your special event can be beautiful. I was so busy going to school and working at the same time, no time for myself. I knew my prom was coming up, and I knew it was going to be a happy and exciting moment, not knowing it was going to be the total opposite. I’m going to share this so you can learn from my experiences

A week before prom I went out and looked for my dress, and I didn’t find anything I liked. My best guy friend told me he was going with me. He called me to ask what color I was going to wear and I had nothing. I finally found a dress 2 days before prom. The dress was purple, color was good but the dress not so much, I just had to pick the best that was there.

I decided to do my own makeup and hair, because I didn’t have enough money. I arrived to prom in my loose purple short dress and I felt so out of place. I just wanted to run out, all I saw was everyone’s beautiful dress and makeup. I wanted to tell everyone I wasn’t feeling good but I know they would know why I’m leaving. I went to the restroom and just wanted to cry; I didn’t know what to do. I wanted this day to be perfect and it wasn’t because I didn’t plan it. I called my mom and told her how I felt and she told me “don’t be silly you look beautiful I saw you when you left with your friend, just have fun, enjoy yourself and be proud of yourself”.  After she said those words to me, I felt something magical and those feelings didn’t matter. I’m so glad I listened to her because i had so much fun and enjoyed my prom with all my friends.

From this experience I can help you

1. Look for your dress and shoes at least 2 months before the event

  • Take someone you trust
  • If you’re on a budget, there’s a lot of great online stores, they have free shipping and easy returns. Also don’t be scared to look in the discounted racks, you’ll be surprised.

2. Look for Beauty salons in your area and ask for the makeup & hair prices, after they let you know the price ask them if they have any prom packages & student discounts.

  • Look for pictures for your hair and makeup and ask the makeup artist and stylist their opinion
  • Take advantage of the internet and look at the reviews.

3. The most important thing is when you feel insecure, sad and confused like I did, make sure you call someone that loves you and cares for you…..your parents, your siblings or your best friends

Good luck and have a wonderful special event.

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