Ombre or Balayage?

The difference between Ombre and Balayage
Ombre is a term used in the hair world to describe two distinct colour effects on the hair, generally being darker at the top or the roots and gets lighter towards the bottom or the ends. There is a clear line that fades between the two colours. The dark section at the top has the same colour as the individual’s natural colour but at the bottom, hair lightener is applied to make it lighter than the individual’s natural hair colour. Any colour combination can be applied including natural blonde, pink, blue, purple, green, brown or even red.
The ombre tends to create shadows due to the blend of the colours with a dark colour at the roots which simply transit into a lighter shade as you get to the ends. It is simply colour blocking. As the hair grows, the hair colour changes making it enjoyable to many individuals.
It is the most suitable for either medium or long hair due to its versatility and the fact that it can be customized to meet the individual’s taste. It is considered the best choice for those who have financial constraints or those who are on a budget.
Balayage, on the other hand, highlights are painted on the surface of the hair on various sections in order to give it lighter shades than the natural colour. The application of the hair colour or the lightener generally starts from the roots and it thickens as it moves along the section. The ends get the heaviest application. The highlights tend to blend effectively with the natural hair such that there are no fade lines separating the two colours, like in ombre.
The underside hair is left darker in order to give it a natural dimensional effect, while the surface gets concentrated lightener or the hair colour. This makes the hair appear as if it has been lightened by the sun naturally. Balayage is simply highlighting by painting the hair in long thin lines, in order to make it have a sunkissed appearance. As the hair grows, it adds to the natural beauty of balayage. Balayage, just like ombre, it can be done on any hair colour including red, brown or even blonde. It is most appropriate for long or medium size hair.

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