Layers are Great for These Hair Styles

Layered hairstyles were extremely popular in the 1990s. The cut is again fashionable and experiencing a resurgence. Layered looks are one of the biggest trends of 2022. Layers are an excellent way to frame the face while allowing for volume and movement. Celebrity hairstylists are providing their clientele with layers but in innovative ways.

Before making an appointment with a stylist, it’s important for individuals to understand what layered means. Layered styles are cut in a way that the ends of each layer fall to a different point relative to each other. It creates an impression that the hair is cut at different lengths. Layered styles make people appear younger due to the movement that layers provide.

Curly Hair

Layering is beneficial for curly hair to reduce bulkiness, while redistributing a sense of fullness throughout. Layers can be combined with bangs, or used in tandem with sections utilizing a blunt cut. It’s an easy-care style and hair color can be used to amplify the effect.

Shoulder Length

Layering works with a wide variety of lengths, and textures and with or without bangs. Shoulder-length hair is particular attractive with layers. It’s reminiscent of the shag haircut, but with a fresh take. Singer Taylor Swift has utilized layers in multiple styles.

Anyone familiar with the TV comedy Friends, will remember Jennifer Aniston making waves with her shoulder-length layers. The look became known as “The Rachel” and is again making headlines as individuals ask for a “Rachel” cut.

Long Hair

Equally applicable for long hair, layers can be used to create a bohemian look that’s soft, sexy and alluring. The queen of the layered shag was actress Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angel fame. It’s especially popular for those that seek the sun-kissed, mussed style of the beach. Legendary rocker, Joan Jet, is famous for her music and the use of jaw-length layers, combined with longer locks beneath.

Fine Hair

For those with fine hair, layers provide a way to prevent hair from looking flat and lackluster to create a sexy windswept appearance. Meg Ryan is well-known for her flirty layers.

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