Hot Summer Color Trends

Everyone wants to look fashionable and one of the ways to achieve that is with a new hair color. After the past two years of the pandemic, people are returning to a semblance of normal by dressing up and changing their hair. In 2022, it’s not so much about different styles as it is hot new colors.

Mahogany Balayage

This lets everyone experience the excitement and glamor of red without committing to a total color change. Its best for those that have a dark chestnut to brown base. It’s an intriguing all-over shade of red that’s been called barely-there. It’s neither too light or too dark.

Sandy Copper

This is an excellent color for those that don’t want to cross over into an overly orange hue. It provides subtle blond highlights and adds extra dimension. Actress Sydney Sweeney has embraced the color and wears it beautifully.

Golden Bronze

The go-to honey brown shade is a hue that will complement most complexions. It also offers a low-maintenance color. One of the most recent celebrities sporting the color is singer, actor and producer, Selena Gomez.

Ash Gold

A balance between warm and cool blond, it looks good with most complexion types and will be stunning with the right makeup. Celebrities rocking the color include singer, actress and dancer, Jennifer Lopez, to socialite, model and businesswoman, Kylie Jenner.

Beach Blond

Actress Blake Lively’s hair is a perfect example of the color. It’s a highly versatile shade that can be used to deepen existing blond hues to arrive in sun-kissed territory. When used on darker hair, it’s an excellent choice for adding highlights.

Rainbow Colors

Adding a touch of pastel pink or electric purple, people of all ages are going into summer with a touch of temporary color. From teens to grandmothers, people are choosing to go wild with exotic and fantasy colors with both long and short dos. Some are just coloring the tips, while others are experimenting with strips and stripes throughout their locks. The look has even been seen on high-fashion runways.

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