Home Hair Dye Horror

Millions of people purchase home hair dyes each year to cover graying, add highlights, or simply change up their look. What many don’t know is that there is a myriad of things that can go horribly awry when using a DIY dye – from spectacular color disasters to life-threatening allergic reactions.

Most people that purchase DIY hair dyes do so to avoid the high cost of a salon treatment. The dyes in stores are often made by the same companies that create salon-level hair colors. At the salon, clients aren’t just paying for the cost of the dye. They have the benefit of the colorist’s skill, experience and expertise. DIY dyes can have some painful consequences.

Home Hair Dye

Allergic Reactions

When introducing any foreign substance to the body, people run the risk of an allergic reaction whether it’s makeup or hair color. Actress Pauley Perrette of NCIS fame suffered a severe reaction to the black dye used on her hair in the show. It can happen with a single application or even after 20 years of use.

Dark to Light

Transitioning from a darker color to a lighter hue requires stripping the natural color and replacing it with the desired tone/shade. It’s time-consuming and is best done only by a trained colorist. The same is true when bleaching or highlighting. The color can look unnatural, damage hair, and burn the scalp.

Just Like the Box

The color on the box won’t be exactly replicated on the hair. Multiple factors influence how the color will actually look after it’s applied, from the length of time it’s left on to the condition and texture of the hair being dyed.

Really Red

For people that want to go any shade of red, be aware that it’s the most difficult color to get right. It can result in brassy-looking hair and is almost impossible to correct at home. It’s a color that can also turn black or dark brown hair unwelcome shades of burgundy or purple.

The Painful Truth

Using a DIY dye can have disastrous results for hair and health. Even those that have successfully colored their hair at home for years can encounter difficulties. Allergies and color calamities can all occur when least expected. It may be less expensive to dye at home, but color at a salon is an image investment that will last longer and is far safer.

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