Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Talk to any blonde, either natural or color treated, and they’ll vehemently attest to the belief that blondes do have more fun. Studies have revealed some surprising results about blondes. However, the belief that blondes have more fun has been around for centuries.

Blondes feel they’re more fun than their dark-haired counterparts. They go out an average of 3 times per week, compared to 2 for brunettes. Blondes also say they feel more youthful and confident. A study conducted by Cornell University in 2009 also showed that blonde waitresses earned better tips and that blondes were more apt to rise to positions of power.

The point was amply demonstrated by pop singer and actress, Lady Gaga, who noted that her earnings increased to several million after she colored her locks blonde. Marilyn Monroe’s rise to fame came after she went blond. That doesn’t count the dozens of fairy tales that paint the villain as dark haired and the victim as a blonde.

The notion that blondes have more fun was first popularized in recent history in the 1953 film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. The catchphrase was further promulgated in 1961 by copywriter Shirley Polykoff in a TV commercial for Lady Clairol home hair coloring products when Monroe was at the height of her career. Whether coincidence or design, it worked. Lady Clairol sales were boosted and it launched a trend that’s still strong today.

Anyone can take advantage of the ongoing blond trend. It’s especially beneficial for those with gray hair, as the blonde and gray integrates well together to hide the gray. Blonde highlights are especially popular for a summer look. An increasing number of individuals are using blonde streaks to highlight their dark locks. Ultimately, the most important aspect of hair color is how it makes the individual feel about themselves. Before going completely blond, be aware that blonde isn’t a good color for everyone. Some individuals appear older than their actual age as a blonde.

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