Can Water Ruin Your Hair Color?

There are a multitude of potential dangers to color-treated hair lurking about of which you may not be aware. Hard water is a reality for the majority of Florida residents, even those with city water. It can inflict damage on color-treated hair.

Ocean Water

Going for a dip in the ocean is a refreshing experience, but exposure to salt water is detrimental to your hair. It strips strands of their natural oils and moisture, resulting in manes that are dry and brittle. Salt water also fades hair color faster and makes locks look dull and lifeless. If you don’t want to wear a swim cap, you can help mitigate the damage by using a clarifying shampoo.

Pool water

Chlorine is a chemical agent used in pools to purify water and protect swimmers from bacteria. It’s also a form of bleach. It leaches color from hair and chlorine bonds easily with the chemicals used in perms and hair color treatments. Those with blonde hair are at risk of seeing their locks turn green. You can protect your hair by wearing a swim cap. Salt water pools can have the same effect on hair color as the ocean.

Hard Water

A surprising 85 percent of all U.S. residents have hard water and they don’t even know it. Hard water is prevalent in Florida. It can cause color-treated hair to become discolored, dull and faded. Hard water also dries hair, robs it of its natural moisture, can cause frizziness, and make manes harder to manage. Water can be hard, whether it originates from a well or a water treatment plant.

It contains minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium that builds up on hair and scalp. Hard water interacts negatively with hair coloring products and affects pH levels. A simple filter on the shower head can alleviate the problem and will also be better for your skin.

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