Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Millions of women are availing themselves of eyelash extensions to save them time on their makeup routines. There are dozens of temporary over-the-counter options that can be applied at home. However, true eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution. They typically last for 6 weeks and must be applied by a professional to avoid damaging natural lashes.

Lash extensions will be carefully chosen for length and thickness, then applied to one natural eyelash at a time. They can be expensive and will take time to apply. Lashes will be longer and fuller, and have the benefit of opening the eye. Since every extension is applied individually, it’s a customized look that appears natural and is aesthetically pleasing.

For many, the benefits outweigh the financial outlay and the time required to have extensions applied – which can be as much as 2 hours. Long, lush lashes are traditionally perceived as an attribute of femininity and youthfulness. Eyelashes have been romanticized in literature, art, and an entire mythos has grown around them.

However, there is a psychological element linked to long lashes. They’ve always been viewed as a sign of a healthy body. Dark lashes enhance the white part of the eye, also perceived as a sign of health and youthfulness. In ancient times, long lashes were associated with chastity, while at the same time being seen as a sign of fertility. At one time, lashes were enhanced to ward off evil spirits.

Today, lash extensions are common. They reduce the time needed to apply makeup, enhance beauty, and women with longer lashes are perceived as graceful. Lash extensions provide a natural lift for a more wide-awake look anytime of the day. There are multiple benefits to getting eyelash extensions and it’s a personal decision. Each individual will have to decide if the time and financial outlay is worth it.

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