4 Ways to Refresh Your Hair Color

The best way to preserve your hair color is to follow the directions of your colorist and take preventative steps from the first day of your treatment. Color treatments are expensive and you want to maintain the color as long as possible.

A certain amount of fading is inevitable over time and is to be expected. However, if you find your hair color fading fast after just a few weeks, there are ways to refresh your color and bring it back to life.


Chemical free, a hair color refresher paste applied to the hair takes just 3 minutes to work its magic. It reduces yellow tones in blonde hair and revives brunette shades. It’s a favorite of celebrities, who often use it a couple of days prior to interviews and special events.

Hair color refreshers typically last up to 5 weeks and should only be applied every 6 to 8 weeks. Choose a color that most closely matches your current hair color.


There are two types of hair glazes. One doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia, doesn’t penetrate the hair cuticle, and works to close the cuticle, thereby preventing color from leaching away.

A color-depositing glaze penetrates the cuticle and deposit a small amount of color. A glaze acts as a brightener for older color treatments, enhances natural hair tones, and neutralizes brassiness. It can even work to preemptively prevent fading and dulling.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Known as color-depositing shampoos and conditioners, they’re used to maintain color pigment between color treatments as they penetrate the cuticle. They’re used in the same way as ordinary cleansing and conditioning products

Concealer for Roots

If roots that are growing out are the problem, there are multiple concealers that can be applied. Concealers are a temporary fix, won’t damage your hair color, and are an excellent option between coloring sessions. Concealers are available in powder and spray forms.

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