4 Ways to Make Your Color Last

If you’re color treating your hair, it’s an investment in your appearance and image. You want it to last and there are some simple and common-sense measures you can take to extend the life of your color.

Cooler Water

Hot water fades color fast. Before getting out of the shower, give your hair a cool or cold rinse. It helps seal the cuticle and leave locks glossy looking. It’s especially important if you’re thinking of going red. Colors in that spectrum are the most unstable and fade the quickest.

Wet hair is at its most vulnerable. It stretches and the warmer the water, the more it stretches and relaxes, allowing more pigment to “leak” out. Chlorine is a major factor in fading hair color – wear a swim cap.

Wash Less Often

You want your hair to be clean and fresh, but the more often it’s washed, the quicker color leaves. Washing your hair causes strands to swell and lets color leach out. Shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair can help you keep your color longer.

Another situation, and one that’s painfully common, is hair color that fades fast due to insufficient processing time. It’s a particular problem with gray hair. The cuticles of gray hair are more tightly compacted and take longer to open to absorb color.

Water Softener

An estimated 65 percent of all Americans have hard water. If you have calcium or magnesium in your water, it builds up on your hair over time and works to prevent color from being absorbed. A water softener can definitely help. You don’t have to invest in a whole house unit. There are models that attach to your shower head.

UV Protection

Harsh UV rays are damaging to hair at any time, but particularly for color-treated hair. Exposure to UV rays will quickly fade color. Always wear a hat if you’re going outdoors, preferably one with a brim.

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