How Long do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions will last between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on the rate of growth of an individual’s natural lashes. The extensions are attached to a person’s natural lashes and everyone’s lashes don’t grow at the same rate.

The extensions are an excellent option if mascara and false lashes aren’t providing the desired effect. Eyelash extensions may be made of materials that include silk, mink, horsehair, synthetic or even human eyelashes. They’re painstakingly applied, one at a time, to natural lashes and they’re held in place with a specialized glue.

Extensions are denser and more lush than other options. Many people may even discover they don’t need to apply mascara. Individuals with eyelash extensions have eyes that are always camera ready. However, it’s essential that individuals know what effect they want to achieve.

Eyelash extensions aren’t a one-size-fits all beauty treatment. Those that have natural lashes that are damaged, short or weak won’t be able to achieve a dramatic look like their favorite celebrity, but the extensions will definitely augment what’s already there.

It can take 1 to 2 hours to apply the extensions, depending on the desired look. Make sure the technician is certified and/or licensed to perform the application. Eyelash extensions can vary widely in cost. Starter sets can cost between $100 to $150. However, those worn by celebrities can cost $550 and more.

Caring for lash extensions properly is essential. After getting the extensions, avoid water for a couple of days to allow the glue to fully dry. Don’t touch them, curl them or use mascara, and avoid oil-based products. To extend their lifespan, consider using a lash conditioner. The product should be gently combed through lashes with a brush. For those with quick growing lashes, individuals can get “refills” to fill in any areas that may be looking sparse.

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