Book a Blowout for the Holiday!

One of the most popular salon services during the holiday season is a blowout. It keeps hair looking lovely for up to 5 days and maintains manes in a photo ready condition throughout the holidays. Women traditionally spend much of their holiday looking after the needs of others. A holiday blowout is an easy way for people to do something nice for themselves and enjoy some pampering.

It’s a good idea to book early for a holiday blowout. Salons are typically inundated with appointments for the service. For anyone that hasn’t experienced the luxury of a blowout, now is the time to do so. The stylist will use a round brush and blow dryer to shape wet locks into a stylish look that will give recipients a polished appearance.

A blowout will carry individuals through the Christmas and New Years’ holiday season of parties and gatherings with family, friends and co-workers. Don’t forget to book a blowout for New Year’s celebrations. While a blowout may sound simple in theory, it’s an art that requires the skills of a professional stylist to accomplish and has a firm basis in science.

Hydrogen bonds in wet hair react differently than dry locks, enabling it to be styled and shaped into a desired appearance that will hold its shape for up to 5 days. Hair can be shaped into small or large curls, waves, and other sleek styles without the use of damaging hot styling tools such as flat irons or curling tools.

A blowout is an ideal and affordable way for individuals to appear at their best, with smooth and shiny locks that look like they spent hours in the salon. A holiday blowout will save a significant amount of time when preparing to run errands or attending holiday functions since locks will be ready to go without extensive and time-consuming styling routines.

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